[mrtg] noSuchName

Andrea Bencini andrea.bencini at tin.it
Fri Jan 2 19:33:08 CET 2009

I installed
and it is running well. I create some cfg files and I haven't any problem, 
but in one
when I create the cfg file I receive this error

[root at tool script]# mkdir -p /var/www/html/mrtg/fw
[root at tool script]# perl /usr/bin/cfgmaker public at --global 
"workdir: /var/www/html/mrtg/fw" --output /etc/mrtg/fw.cfg
--base: Get Device Info on public at
--base: Vendor Id:
--base: Populating confcache
--coca: populate confcache public at
SNMPWALK Problem for ifName on public at : Received 
noSuchName(2) error-status at error-index 1
 at /usr/bin/../lib/mrtg2/MRTG_lib.pm line 1626
--base: Get Interface Info
--base: Walking ifIndex
--base: Walking ifType
--base: Walking ifAdminStatus
--base: Walking ifOperStatus
--base: Walking ifMtu
--base: Walking ifSpeed
--base: Writing /etc/mrtg/fw.cfg
[root at tool script]#

Can you help me?


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