[mrtg] CPU Utilization in %

Nilesh Sutar sutar.nilesh at gmail.com
Thu Jan 8 15:06:46 CET 2009

Hi Sir,

           I have configured mrtg-rrd for individual cpu utilization. using
snmp.I have mibs for snmp ,give output in bytes.

i used multiple target for each cpu in % and providing value in bytes but in
graphs system cpu shows correct graph scale and reading. but for usr cpu and
nice cpu ,graph shows

Max In: 67.2 % (8.4%) Average In: 40.6 % (5.1%) Current In: 39.1 % (4.9%)
Max Out: 67.2 % (8.4%) Average Out: 40.6 % (5.1%) Current Out: 39.1 % (4.9%)
like this .then i cross checked this value by hiting top command then value
in bracket ( %) is perfect. but why value wrotes before bracket and how it
comes ???. I am providing value in bytes to each target then how it is
converted in %

here is cfg file:

Target[localhost.cpu] :442545 (#comes by  snmpwalk)
ShortLegend[localhost.cpu]: %
MaxBytes[localhost.cpu]: 100
Title[localhost.cpu]: System CPU
PageTop[localhost.cpu]: <H1>Percentage of System CPU Load %</H1>
Target[localhost.nicecpu] :0
ShortLegend[localhost.nicecpu]: %
MaxBytes[localhost.nicecpu]: 100
Title[localhost.nicecpu]: Nice CPU
PageTop[localhost.nicecpu]: <H1>Percentage of Nice CPU Load %</H1>
Target[localhost.usrcpu] :758208
ShortLegend[localhost.usrcpu]: %
MaxBytes[localhost.usrcpu]: 100
Title[localhost.usrcpu]: User CPU
PageTop[localhost.usrcpu]: <H1>Percentage of User CPU Load %</H1>
Legend1[localhost.cpu]: Active CPU in % (Load)
LegendI[localhost.cpu]: Active
Options[localhost.cpu]: growright,gauge,nopercent

I think i am doing in wrong way !!!

Nilesh Sutar.
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