[mrtg] ThreshMailAddress - syntax for multiple recipients

Steve Shipway s.shipway at auckland.ac.nz
Wed Jan 14 00:32:43 CET 2009

> according to my code, sending mail to multiple addresses should
> work as long as they are separated by comma, I would not put a
> space there though ...

Hmm, I tested this a few months back, and it didn't work for me with
multiple addresses.  I assumed it just was not supported (since there's
nothing explicitly saying so in the online docs).  

Checking the code myself I too see not reason why it should not work,
either; it splits on /\s*,\s*/ and uses Net::SMTP so all ahould be OK.
Maybe I tested with too old a version of MRTG?  I will upgrade on  my
test/dev and try again - I may need to update the syntax information in the
book (again).


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