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Feijo, Fernando Fernando.Feijo at aaronrents.com
Wed Jan 14 15:26:55 CET 2009

The syntax mentioned by Tobi worked on MRTG 2.16.2.


So it is commas, no spaces, between multiple recipients.


Thanks again for the help.





From: Feijo, Fernando 
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Subject: RE: [mrtg] ThreshMailAddress - syntax for multiple recipients


Thanks for all the answers to this question. I will test Tobi's syntax
(commas, no spaces), and let everyone know. The site has the latest MRTG
and a known good SMTP server, so it should be a valid test.


Lyle and Steve are correct, distribution lists are a non brainer even in
Windows. Or invoking Blat from batch files, my personal favorite. Plenty
of solutions if the syntax ends up not working.





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Then build distribution lists on the mail server until you can get a
better answer.

I have no idea about the syntax esp since you state this is on a Windows
platform.  I am not sure what underlying program/code is being called to
perform this function.


Feijo, Fernando wrote: 

Thanks, Lyle.


For this customer,  I am afraid it has to be Windows. Do you think the
syntax only allows for one recipient ? 


That would be unusual.


Thanks again,





From: Lyle Giese [mailto:lyle at lcrcomputer.net] 
Sent: Tuesday, January 13, 2009 12:10 PM
To: Feijo, Fernando
Subject: Re: [mrtg] ThreshMailAddress - syntax for multiple recipients


Feijo, Fernando wrote: 

Here is an easy one .. after years using external scripts for email, I
tried the built-in alert on a new setup. 


It works correctly for one recipient, but it is breaking when I try a
second address. I apologize for the mundanity of the question, but
searching the list or on the web did not yield the proper syntax for
more than one recipient, nor if it is possible.


The obvious suspects were attempted an failed: spaces, commas and semi


ThreshMailAddress[_]= a at b.com  c at b.com

ThreshMailAddress[_]= a at b.com , c at b.com

ThreshMailAddress[_]= a at b.com ; c at b.com


None of the above worked. Thanks for any help.






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Are you on a linux/unix host or a windoze server?

It's easy to get past this on a linux/unix host running postfix or
sendmail.  Create a user and call it something like list1 and put a
.forward file in that user's directory to forward to whomever you need.
In a .forward file, one email address per line.  If you need more than
one set of lists, create a user list2 etc.



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