[mrtg] Config file help

John john at thetethered.com
Tue Jan 20 05:15:40 CET 2009

Steve Shipway wrote:
> What do these values represent?
> So, is this a count of the total time spent on battery (ever)?  You want to
> see a graph with a constantly increasing line?  In this case, you need to
> add the option 'gauge'.
> In the absence of the 'gauge' option, MRTG will graph the rate of change of
> this value (this is the default behaviour as this is what you'd need if the
> counter were a count of total network traffic and you wanted a bandwidth
> utilisation graph).  Hence you get zeros as the value does not change.
> Steve

The first output is total time on battery from last restart, not total
time remaining.  The second output is always 0, the script outputs a 0
just in case the "noo" option was missed.  The third output will be the
current up time when I get it fixed.  The forth output is the device name.

I don't think I want the gauge option, I want to count how many seconds
on battery from the last power failure, not from last restart.
Hopefully they're not the same.

I have tried the absolute option but that got me to same place, all
zeros in my log file.


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