[mrtg] SNMP Get Error

Patrick Topping ptopping at pobox.com
Fri Jan 23 00:06:50 CET 2009

I am trying to collect the connection set up statistics on a Cisco 
5580-40 for both TCP & UDP.  The OID for the SNMP GET is listed below:

The 'tcp' on the end of the OID seems to be messing up mrtg when it 
tries to collect the data:

2009-01-22 21:34:01 -- Thursday, 22 January 2009 at 21:34: ERROR: 
' at XXX::::2' 
(warn): Bareword "com::::" refers to nonexistent package at (eval 52) 
line 1.
2009-01-22 21:34:01 -- Thursday, 22 January 2009 at 21:34: ERROR: 
' at XXX:::::2' 
(warn): Bareword "com::::" refers to nonexistent package at (eval 53) 
line 1.

The SNMP GET works from the command line without issues:

[root at bandit ~]# snmpwalk -v 2c -c XXX  XXX
CISCO-UNIFIED-FIREWALL-MIB::cufwConnSetupRate1.tcp = Gauge32: 860 
Connections Per Second

[root at bandit ~]# snmpwalk -v 2c -c XXX XXX
CISCO-UNIFIED-FIREWALL-MIB::cufwConnSetupRate5.tcp = Gauge32: 889 
Connections Per Second

My config in the CFG file is listed below for review:

Target[XXX.connsetuprate-tcp]: at asa5580-40-001.eqla3.advancedvideocommunications.com:::::2
MaxBytes[XXX.connsetuprate-tcp]: 150000
Title[XXX.connsetuprate-tcp]: Connection Set Up Rate ( TCP )
<b>asa5580-40-001.eqla3.advancedvideocommunications.com</b> Cisco ASA 
5580-40 - Connection SetUp Rate ( TCP ) \n
LegendI[XXX.connsetuprate-tcp]: 1 minute
LegendO[XXX.connsetuprate-tcp]: 5 minutes
Legend1[XXX.connsetuprate-tcp]: # of conns/sec over last 1 minute
Legend2[XXX.connsetuprate-tcp]: # of conns/sec over last 5 minutes
Colours[XXX.connsetuprate-tcp]: GREEN#00eb0c,BLUE#0000ff,DARK 
GREEN#006600,DARK GREEN#006600
YLegend[XXX.connsetuprate-tcp]: TCP Connections
Options[XXX.connsetuprate-tcp]: absolute,growright,unknaszero,integer,gauge
WithPeak[XXX.connsetuprate-tcp]: wmy

Any help getting this figured out would be greatly appreciated.  Thanks 
in advance.


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