[mrtg] "Interfaces of unspecified host" with the --perhost option

Yogesh Hasabnis yhasabnis at gmail.com
Thu Jul 23 08:14:10 CEST 2009

Hi All,

I use MRTG for monitoring our internet leased line. I also use it for
monitoring the CPU usage and the memeory usage of two of our servers. The
cfg file for the internet link has been created using the " cfgmaker"
script. But the cfg files for the two servers are created manually. I used
the "indexmaker" script to create the index.html which contains the summary
graphs for the internet link as well as the two servers. It works well. But
the graphs displayed on the index.html are not aligned as required. So I
used the "--perhost" option in the "indexmaker " script to arrange the
summary graphs with one host per row. But now I get a heading in bold
letters with the text as "Interfaces of unspecified host" in the MRTG index
page just above the summary graphs of the servers. The MRTG version I am
using is 2.16.2.

Can you give me suggestions about what I may need to do to remove the
of unspecified host" heading from the index page ?

Thanks in advance,
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