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Thanks ED for the reply we as i mention I already have apply 1min patch and
I am Collecting Data after ever Minute with snmpv2, And what I think SNMPv2
uses 64-bit values counters and my Router supports snmpv1, v2 & v3.

Any solutions.

TheONe Kan

On Sun, Jun 21, 2009 at 9:03 PM, Ed LaFrance <edl at colocationonline.info>wrote:

> At 05:12 AM 6/21/2009, you wrote:
>> Dear ALL,
>> I Am facing a strange problem, As I have attached a png file of my WAN
>> GIGA Interface of my Zyxel Router, Problem is that when ever our Internet
>> Bandwidth cross over 555 Mbits/s MRTG creates False Graphs, but on real time
>> monitoring Show more then 600 Mbits/s of data flowing normally thought it, I
>> am using SNMP v2 to create MRTG , also have applied 1min MRTG patch to
>> create MRTG. I have CHeck router cpu and memory and other Interfaces are
>> working normally and there MRTG matched the real time flow.
>> Hope for a cool advice from you guys.
>> Thanks in Advance,
>> KIndest Regards.e
>> TheONe KAN
> This is typically the byproduct of multiple counter rollovers between data
> samples. What is your sample interval, and does your router return 64-bit
> values for the octet counters? Those are the things you should start with.
> If your sample is already down to 1 minute (I think that is what you said
> above), then almost certainly the issue is 32-bit counter values, in which
> case you are SOL with this approach.
> Ed
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