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Rusty Peterson srpeterson at ca.rr.com
Fri May 8 04:05:22 CEST 2009

I wish to thank all of you for the advice and "assistance" you have given
myself and others. By reading through the archives, searching for solutions
to problems similar to ones I was experiencing, I have found many answers
and also a new wealth of knowledge. When I started working with MRTG, I was
a "break-fix" tech, a "part jockey" with some experience with Routing. Even
though I have been working with MRTG for a few months, my horizons have been


Steve, I will be purchasing a copy of your book in a couple days, but I had
to look ahead at what else was in store, so I also downloaded your Companion
CD and started to browse the contents. Doing so has provided me with a few
questions I hope someone can answer, and I pray you do not mind my asking.


In the mrtg-bundle, looking at the README.txt it says, "MRTG version
2.9.27", but the installer just says "2.1.0.exe". I am currently using MRTG
version 2.1.16 and would like to implement RRDTool as soon as possible
although I have had problems doing so, but I hope that they will soon be
worked out. Is this 2.9.27 or 2.1.0? Also, as this seems to work with the
95th percentile and I am solely using MRTG to monitor Router Traffic, this
seems to be what I need. Should I implement this version or stay with what I
am currently running and wait for future updates to MRTG?


Once again, Thank You All

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