[mrtg] Thank you

Steve Shipway s.shipway at auckland.ac.nz
Fri May 8 04:17:29 CEST 2009

>In the mrtg-bundle, looking at the README.txt it says, "MRTG version
>2.9.27", but the installer just says "2.1.0.exe". I am currently using MRTG
>version 2.1.16 and would like to implement RRDTool as soon as possible

This is because you are looking at the Open Innovations 'MRTG Bundle' version 2.1.0.  This Bundle install for Windows helpfully contains everything you need, but at a rather old version of the software.  You can subsequently upgrade MRTG to 2.16, RRdtool to 1.3.x and Routers2 to 2.19 if you choose.

The README is actually slightly out of date as the CD originally held v2.9.27 of MRTG but this was later upgraded to 2.16.2

>Also, as this seems to work with the 95th percentile and I am solely using
>MRTG to monitor Router Traffic, this seems to be what I need. Should I
>implement this version or stay with what I am currently running and wait
>for future updates to MRTG?

You can get 95th Percentiles with Routers2, or by using various other 3rd Party add-ins to MRTG.  On the whole, you would be better advised ot upgrade to the latest versions of MRTG, RRDtool and Routers2 if you are comfortable with doing so - the MRTG Bundle 2.1.0 is very out of date (Open Innovations have indicated that a new bundle version will possibly be created with the latest versions some time in the future)

Hope this helps, and (on behalf of everyone) thankyou for your appreciation


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