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Gaurav Ghimire gaurav at subisu.net.np
Fri May 8 11:51:16 CEST 2009

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Greg Hanna (sys admin) wrote:
> I would like to take this second to say thank you in advanced, I think
> MRTG is an awesome tool for monitoring endless things, I've used it for
> years.
> But recently, I decided I'd take it a little further than just using it
> to monitor my bandwidth, I found a HOW-TO on using it to monitor memory
> swap, cpu, etc... well the config file I was basically "copying" off of,
> used the program 'system' to get the bandwidth information, so I decided
> to change the option to use SNMP basically, and it started working great
> today.  But it seems like I changed the Options tab from what it was
> before (I have it commented out when I paste it in a second) on the old
> config, and changed it to bits, growright... well prior to doing that,
> all my graphs worked, but some of them were going from left to right,
> versus right to left ... then all of a sudden a few of my graphs quit
> working all together.  I probably worked on getting it transferred for
> about 4 hours last night, from just the plain bandwidth to monitoring
> other things, and I love the concept, but I feel stumped on it. 
> Below is my config file, and my mrtg graph can be viewed at
> http://okcinfo.net/mrtg if needed, I was HOPING I could get some
> assistance with my problem! 
> Thank you again!!
Dear Greg,

Doing it in bits multiplies the outcome with 8.

One reason might have been that the output might have had exceeded the maxbytes thus dropping it to null.

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