[mrtg] MRTG 2.16.2 on Windows (WARNING: SNMP V3 libraries not found, SNMP V3 disabled. Falling back to V2c.)

Ayotunde Itayemi Ayotunde.Itayemi at zain.com
Tue May 19 17:45:57 CEST 2009

Dear All,
I have installed Activestate-Perl (v 5.10) and MRTG (actually extracted MRTG version 2.16.2) into the c:\mrtg folder on my windows system.
I also installed net-snmp-  from Sourceforge.net
I then attempted to run the MRTG cfgmaker against a Cisco router using snmpv3 (--enablesnmpv3) and I get the message  below. The router(s) only have snmp version 3 support enabled so the process fails. 

WARNING: SNMP V3 libraries not found, SNMP V3 disabled. Falling back to V2c.

Please any idea on how to get MRTG to "know" that I have installed net-snmp on the system?

I have added c:\usr\bin to my system's PATH variable and can run the various snmp commands from any location on the system. Installing the Net::SNMP cpan module didn't make any difference either.

Thanks a lot.

Installing MRTG (with or without steps 6 and 7 didn't make any difference)
1. download mrtg version 2.16.2 (zipped file)
2. extract mrtg to c:\mrtg
3. install activestate perl (version 5.10.x)
4. install net-snmp version ( - into C:\usr
5. add C:\usr\bin to your system's PATH environmental variable
6. replace the default Usage.pm with the one from the Net::SNMP perl module (from cpan)
    open a new command prompt (cmd.exe)
    cd C:\mrtg\lib\mrtg2\Pod
    ren Usage.pm Usage.pm.org
    copy C:\Perl\lib\Pod\Usage.pm C:\mrtg\lib\mrtg2\Pod\

7. run the following
cd \usr\perl
ppm install NetSNMP.ppd

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