[mrtg] Cisco VOIP Monitoring

Stock, David cdstock at ccis.edu
Tue Nov 24 17:20:16 CET 2009


I've not yet migrated to RRD, routers2, etc. and so had to come up with a hack for traditional MRTG running on Windows.  My process is very similar to Dan's, in walking the SNMP tree and counting the number of channels set to 4 (established).  It gives me the number of calls in progress for the entire gateway instead of per trunk, but it's a start.  I'm running on Windows (with gnu grep & snmpwalk installed).  At any given moment, the results of the .BAT file match the sum of the lines in use as reported by the Cisco RTMT.

My slightly cleaned .BAT script & target follow:

Batch Script:
@echo off
snmpwalk -v 2c -c <public string> <gateway IP address> | grep "INTEGER: 4" -c > \inuse.txt
type \inuse.txt
type \inuse.txt
echo 0
echo Calls in progress
del \inuse.txt

MRTG Target:
### Calls in progress
Target[ccvg01_current_calls]: `cmd /c \mrtg\scripts\testcalls.bat`
YLegend[ccvg01_current_calls]:  Current Calls
ShortLegend[ccvg01_current_calls]: &nbsp;
Legend1[ccvg01_current_calls]: Current Calls
Legend2[ccvg01_current_calls]: .
Legend3[ccvg01_current_calls]: Maximum observed current calls
Legend4[ccvg01_current_calls]: .
LegendI[ccvg01_current_calls]: Calls:
LegendO[ccvg01_current_calls]: Calls:
WithPeak[ccvg01_current_calls]: ywm
MaxBytes[ccvg01_current_calls]: 780
Title[ccvg01_current_calls]: Current calls for CCVG01.ccis.edu
Options[ccvg01_current_calls]: growright, gauge, unknaszero, noo, nopercent
PageTop[ccvg01_current_calls]: <h1>Current calls for CCVG01 </h1>


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Greets List,

I see in the archives a few questions over the years about monitoring Cisco VOIP for such things as active calls, trunks in use and other performance stats. Not many (or any) answers really. I've searched through MIBs and OIDs and really have come up empty. By chance is anyone here using MRTG and SNMP or a script to monitor such things on a Cisco Call Manager or a router acting as a voice gateway?


Eric Brander
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