[mrtg] Monitoring Internet Speeds

Mabry Tyson Tyson at AI.SRI.COM
Sun Oct 4 02:57:02 CEST 2009

I'd suggest using iperf instead as it is designed to test this.  Get it 
from sourceforge.  Check out the wikipedia article.

On 10/3/09 12:59 PM, Steve Shipway wrote:
> How about uploading a 1MB file to a known external location, ...
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> Does anyone have a method for monitoring internet speeds?  I want to 
> create a graph that will basically run a speed test and graph the 
> results every hour or half hour.  I'm not sure on the perl script or 
> how to create the cron job correctly. I can figure out the timing 
> part, but the script side, I have no clue.  Any suggestions?

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