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Anson Rinesmith arinesmith at bigrivertelephone.com
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That's how the math works out.

9% of 1Gb/s would be 90Mb/s

11.3MB/s * 8b/1B = 90.4 Mb/s

You can change your display from Bytes to bits, using the Option[]: bits, if
you don't want to do the math.



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Does this mean my uplink is using roughly 92Mb of a Gig?








11.2 MB/s (8.9%)

240.0 kB/s (0.2%) 

127.9 kB/s (0.1%) 


11.3 MB/s (9.0%) 

411.5 kB/s (0.3%) 

350.3 kB/s (0.3%) 


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