[mrtg] how to configure MRTG with a dynamic IP address

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Mon Oct 26 13:38:20 CET 2009

I have a modem-router(Huawei E960) which sets up the IP addresses dynamically. A pc that boots up first gets and second gets x.x.x.101 and so on. i only know how to setup monitoring network traffic by using the ip address of the pc at the time of the configuration. that works fine till the rest of the day but makes an issue after shut down and the bootup order of the Pcs is changed. Basically it doesnt graph any traffic after the ip address is changed.
i searched mrtg mail achieves a lot yesterday. only found 2 possible solutions but i am not sure neither of them. thats why i am asking for your help. one of the solutions was reseting the registry of 'ip address lease after shutdown'. my initial thought was assigning one ip address to a computer indefinitely might create some problems later on. i might be wrong. if this is a good solution, i would like to know the reasons. the second solution was a dhcp script for mrtg by Eric Garnel. i didnt quite understand how to modify the code and its pretty old message (way back in 2003). 
I really would like to get this MRTG working. Any assist that will help me to achieve that would be appreciated.
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