[mrtg] Graphing input errors...

Steve Shipway s.shipway at auckland.ac.nz
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1)  Yes, 'noo' will remove the line and the legend.

2) You should remove the 'perminute' if you're multiplying by 300 to get 'per 5min' as it is no longer relevant.  You should probably also replace your Y-Axis label or legend to indicate the values are a 5min count.
Target[$target_name]: ifInErrors.$if_index&ifOutErrors.$if_index:$router_connect * 300
Factor[$target_name]: 300


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1) My existing Options[] line says:
        Options[]: growright,nopercent,perminute,unknaszero
...will the noo remove the Output Legend also?

2) The Target[] line (in the interfaces file) says:
        Target[$target_name]: ifInErrors.$if_index&ifOutErrors.$if_index:$router_connect

        a) With the 'perminute' option above, would the '* 300' work?
        b) Where would I add the '* 300'?

> 1) Just add the 'noo' option to the Options[] line
> 2) Multiply Target by 300 should do it (either use Factor[] or '* 300' in the Target line)

>> 1) only graph ifInErrors and NOT ifOutErrors?
>> 2) graph actual 5min error count and NOT a 5min average?

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