[mrtg] Graphing input errors...

Arvon Griffiths AGRIFFI at dot.state.tx.us
Tue Apr 13 00:02:07 CEST 2010

Hi Steve,

I hate to be a pain but, I'm getting errors...

When I use '*300' I get:

	ERROR: Target[genoa.err][_IN_] ' $target->[0]{$mode} *300:' (eval): syntax error at (eval 6) line 1, near "300:"

Original target line:
	Target[genoa.err]: ifInErrors.1&ifOutErrors.1:redrock at genoa:

Modified target line:
	Target[genoa.err]: ifInErrors.1&ifOutErrors.1:redrock at genoa*300:

So, I tried Factor[], I added:
	Factor[genoa.err]: 300

and now I get:
	ERROR: CFG Error Unknown Option "factor[genoa.err}" on line 41 or above.

If it matters, I'm running mrtg version 2.10.13


>>> Steve Shipway <s.shipway at auckland.ac.nz> 4/12/2010 3:29 PM >>>
>1)  Yes, 'noo' will remove the line and the legend.
>2) You should remove the 'perminute' if you're multiplying by 300 to get 'per 5min' as it is no longer relevant.  You should probably also >replace your Y-Axis label or legend to indicate the values are a 5min count.
>Target[$target_name]: ifInErrors.$if_index&ifOutErrors.$if_index:$router_connect * 300
>Factor[$target_name]: 300


>>1) My existing Options[] line says:
>>        Options[]: growright,nopercent,perminute,unknaszero
>>...will the noo remove the Output Legend also?
>>2) The Target[] line (in the interfaces file) says:
>>        Target[$target_name]: ifInErrors.$if_index&ifOutErrors.$if_index:$router_connect
>>        a) With the 'perminute' option above, would the '* 300' work?
>>        b) Where would I add the '* 300'?

>>> 1) Just add the 'noo' option to the Options[] line
>>> 2) Multiply Target by 300 should do it (either use Factor[] or '* 300' in the Target line)

>>>> 1) only graph ifInErrors and NOT ifOutErrors?
>>>> 2) graph actual 5min error count and NOT a 5min average?

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