[mrtg] how to code mrtg plugins?

Steve Shipway s.shipway at auckland.ac.nz
Sat Aug 7 03:37:48 CEST 2010

I'm assuming that what you mean is MRTG data collection plugins (as opposed to ConversionCode plugins, Routers2 plugins, Threshold actions plugins....)

These have to exit with a status of 0, and output fur lines of text each terminated with a newline.
The first and second lines hold the Incoming and Outgoing values, in decimal if you are using RRDTool mode, or 'U' for unknown.  Do not use scientific notation (ie, NOT something like '1.06e02' to mean 106)
The third is used to hold the system uptime string, if MRTG is running in Native mode (non-rrdtool).  Else it is ignored.
The fourth is used ot hold the system description, if MRTG is running in Native mode (non-rrdtool).  Else it is ignored.

This documentation is available on the MRTG website (albeit a bit hidden).  There's also a whole chapter on plugins and their creation in the MRTG book http://www.steveshipway.org/book/ but I'm obviously a bit biased in recommending it.


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I'm looking for documentation and examples of how to code and invoke mrtg plugins.

Thanks, Steve Dutky

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