[mrtg] Question about mrtg use?

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If a host has SNMP enabled, then you can monitor it in the same way as a router, via SNMP.  There are host templates for cfgmaker available at http://www.steveshipway.org/cfgmaker that you can use, or of course roll your own.

You can also write your own data collection plugins for MRTG to retrieve any stats you want -- see the MRTG documentation for how to do this, or read the book http://www.steveshipway.org/book/ .  Basically, you just specify the script name in the Target definition, and make the script return the two metrics to graph.

Finally, you can use the mrtg-nrpe and mrtg-pnsclient data collecitons for MRTG (supplied with Routers2 in the extras directory) which allow MRTG to query data from the Nagios nsclient and NRPE agents (including nsclient++, nc_net etc).  This allows you to run a test remotely (via NRPE) or query any Windows perfmon counter (via nsclient).  Between them, these plugins will let you obtain any stats on a remote server (though you may need to write an NRPE plugin to do it on UNIX) and will let you run any check you want on a remote server.

As a last note -- if you're interested in remote network performance only, you might like to take a look at Tobi's smokeping.


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I really appreciate MRTG a while back when I was a Net. Admin but today I'm trying to see if MRTG can provide me network bandwidth/testing metrics for a particular project I have.
Basically I am trying to test a cloud co-lo server I've setup with network metrics accessing this server from our Global WAN.

I wanted to know if I could use MRTG to use a destination IP or FQDN as "target"?

It would be great if I could measure network performance tests to a particular host to test data transfer for things like: FTP, SFTP, GIT, SVN, SCP, RSYNC, etc.

Since I'm not wanting to test a router address, is there a way to collect metrics for a particular HOST IP or Domain name?

Thank for any help/assistance/recommendations.

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