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Nick Price np121 at hotmail.com
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Thanks Steve


It worked for the values under the graph.


But it hasn't changed the Y label


I have MAXBytes [SNR]: 160


So it shows the label a 0-160   


I want the graphing to stay as it is but only the label to be 0 - 16
because its dB's










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Factor[SNR]: 0.1


Note I think this may only work if you're using RRDTool as the backend as
MRTG doesnt like decimals.


Factor[] differs from  '* 0.1' on the Target line because a '* 0.1' on the
Target line divides by tem BEFORE storing the data in the RRD, a
Factor[]:0.1 will divide by ten at display time.  Thus, you do not need to
modify your MaxBytes if you are using Factor[] but you do if you are using
'* 0.1' on the Target line.




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I am graphing SNR values from a Cisco 877 the graphs look ok


But I would like to divide the Y legend values by 10  because I am dealing
with dB's



I have MAXBytes [SNR]: 160


But I want the legend to show this as 16.0 while keeping the max bytes
untouched as this gives a nice graph


Also I would like the legend 1 and legend 2  below the graph to have its Max
Average and current values divided by 10



Any ideas on how I can achieve this please


Many thanks



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