[mrtg] graphing cisco virtual interface/PPPoE users

Patrice Blot - FCNET blot at fcnet.fr
Tue Feb 2 09:57:14 CET 2010

Hi all,


I browsed through the whole archive but could not find any solution to
my problem.


I try to find a way to graph cisco dynamic interfaces (used for pppoe
ADSL users).(7206VXR)


Unfortunately each time a user make a connection the interface number
change as interface name,description and IP change too.


With cisco AV-pair radius values it's possible to change the alias
(named "description" in cisco) at connection time of the dynamic
virtual-access interface with for example the login of the user.


MRTG can refer interface with number, ip, mac address, description,
name, type, but not with alias (ifalias). But MRTG can use alias for
description (--ifdesc=alias) so it can read it. And in my case cfgmaker
gives the user login in description as expected but cannot refer target
to it.


I was unable to make mrtg reference to alias of interface.


Did I miss something ?


Thanks !



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