[mrtg] mrtg-rrd and subdirs. and mrtg with multiple config files. and the combination thereof.

dag at bakke.com dag at bakke.com
Thu Jan 7 09:51:45 CET 2010

Bottom line first:
I have multiple mrtg cfg files. With (potentially) separate WorkDirs. I'd like to request various html-pages which contains a call to mrtg-rrd which opens the correct subdir in an iframe. I have the iframe part ok, but not how to make mrtg-rrd open a subdir. Or even acknowledge the existence of one.

Somewhat expanded:
I feel a bit stupid for this, but I just can't figure out how to make mrtg-rrd list subdirs, like this:


or this:


I'll admit this would likely be awfully simple if I knew how to grok perl. Can someone shed some light on the directory structure or whatever I need to do this?

I also wonder how I best make use of mrtg-rrd when having multiple config files.
I have been tasked with upgrading an older mrtg installation which did not use mrtg-rrd, and uses a lot of handcrafted html, frames and whatnot. It is rather resource-hungry. I have figured out I can call mrtg-rrd in an iframe to make the conversion easier. So far so good.

If I list all the config files with include statements in the main cfg file, can I then make mrtg acknowledge different WorkDirs for each?
If I do this, I assume I don't have to list all the config files in mrtg-rrd.cgi, just the main one.

On the other hand, if I *don't* include all the cfg files in the main mrtg.cfg, I will have to list them in mrtg-rrd.conf. Will mrtg-rrd then acknowledge multiple WorkDirs?

(As a side note, I find one mrtg-rrd.cgi ver 0.7 in Ubuntu which uses a mrtg-rrd.conf config file, in which I can list .cfg files. And then there is ver 0.7 from ftp.linux.cz, which requires me to list all cfg files in the cgi-script itself, but fails to tell me what to use as a separator. Ngh!)

Thank you,

Dag B

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