[mrtg] mrtg for latency

Steve Shipway s.shipway at auckland.ac.nz
Mon Jan 18 23:47:20 CET 2010

If you obtain the mrtg-ping-probe script (can be downloaded from various places) this will allow MRTG to obtain the max/min ping RTT values.  Then, if you are using RRDTool and the Routers2 frontend, there is explicit support for this and you get 'floating bar' graphs.

You can also see the MRTG .cfg file that is used to generate this at this URL (click on 'show cfg file' in the right-hand menu)


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Can anyone help get a mrtg script for latency graph. Example ping yahoo.com latency with fiber is 200ms. So I need to create graph to show latency of each connectivity within my network.

Mohamed Sangey
Chief Technical Officer (CTO)

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