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Sivakumar Natarajan Sivakumar.Natarajan at necindia.in
Tue Jan 19 10:32:13 CET 2010



I have installed MRTG software in my windows xp professional system.

I would like to monitor my Cisco Router 1800 series router.


As per your document I have done my installation.


1.       First dowloaded I installed Perl software.

2.       MRTG software downloaded and installed

3.       Mrtg.cfg also created

4.       While run perl mrtg mrtg.cfg and getting error message 

"ERROR: line 38 <<TABLE>> in CFG file <mrtg.cfg> does not make sense


Please find attached mrtg.cfg file


My router ip address

My winxp system ip address


Please help me to creater MRTG graph.


Thanks & Regards

Sivakumar Natarajan

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