[mrtg] Are those headers still needed?

Jan Ferré Jan.Ferre at uni-c.dk
Fri Jan 22 12:54:32 CET 2010

Using MRTG with RRD-tools, I wonder if some MRTG-headers are still used:

    WorkDir:  /home/unimogul/netdrift/Systemer/MRTG-data/FSKNET
    Refresh:  300
    Interval: 5
    LogFormat: rrdtool

Those I can understand! They will be needed.

    IconDir: /home/unimogul/netdrift/Systemer/MRTG-data/mrtgicons/

..most likely not needed as they are part of the old html/png set.

ifHCInOctets.502&ifHCOutOctets.502:unic at

..this is needed.

    MaxBytes[FSKNET.FSKNET.HOR-KVLT.IN-OUT]: 125000000
    Options[FSKNET.FSKNET.HOR-KVLT.IN-OUT]: growright,bits

..those all belong to the html/png set too, doesn't they?

However I tried not having title and maxbytes and the MRTG complained
they were missing. Does anybody know if the values are being used for
anything (MaxBytes e.g.) when i use RRD-tool to generate the graphs.

Best regards

Jan Ferré

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