[mrtg] threshold alerts

Forthofer Russ Russ.Forthofer at ssfhs.org
Mon Jun 7 16:05:54 CEST 2010

I only recently became aware of the ability of MRTG to alert when a threshold is reached.   I love this feature!   But,  I have some instances where it is less than optimal and I wonder if there is a work-around.

I have a number of T1s which will occasionally peak to 80-85%, even though they normally run at about 25% utilization.    The peaks do not last more than a single cycle of MRTG polling and so I would like to ignore these.  I currently have this set to email when a threshold is reached.  I would like to generate an alert only if a threshold of say 70 or 80% continues to be broken across multiply MRTG polling cycles.  Is this possible?  Do I need to use an external script to manage this or is there another way?

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