[mrtg] Sensing down sites/interfaces?

Arvon Griffiths AGRIFFI at dot.state.tx.us
Thu May 6 16:18:39 CEST 2010

Right now, when mrtg has an interface that fails to respond, an entry is written to /var/mail/username.   I REALLY don't want to have to continually scan and parse that file for entries nor do I really want to increase our snmp traffic by your suggestion Ashok (but clever fix anyway).

Is there no way to use mrtg's mechanism that generates the mail entries to trigger or pass that info to another process when an snmp request fails?


> ashok kumar 5/6/2010 3:09 AM >
>I think you can do some thing like this.
>First write a script such that if snmp fails then run your custom scripts
>else run your mrtg and add this script in a cron job.
>This will help you.

>>On Wed, May 5, 2010 at 7:43 PM, Arvon Griffiths wrote:

>> I have written some shell scripts to automatically generate the cfg files
>> and index files.  I would like to fire off these scripts when MRTG 'senses'
>> site/interface not responding.>>
>> Question: how do I get MRTG to run a script when a snmp request fails?

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