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> At the moment I have 1 RRD file with lots of NTP related goodness
> inside
> which is currentley split out and graphed via its own script - but I
> don't
> want to mess about with external scripts when I may be able to change
> the
> data format and do it 'all in one'

If you split the RRD files into MRTG-standard format (two DS called ds0 and ds1, and appropriate RRAs) then you can create dummy MRTG files for them and then Routers2 can display them as it would any MRTG graph, including creating userdefined summary graphs over multiple RRD files.

> I presume routers2 won't care about '-' and '+' values in the same
> graph ?

Doesn't make any difference, although youd need to make sure that your RRD files have an appropriate lower limit, and you can set the LowerLimit on the graph appropriately if you don’t want it to autoscale (default lowerlimit is 0, so you MUST set this if you have -ve numbers and the 'rigid' option set)


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