[mrtg] Can't locate loadable object for module RRDs in @INC - RRDTool Error...

Volk,Gregory B greg.volk at edwardjones.com
Sun Sep 26 16:45:07 CEST 2010

Try adding the global LibAdd directive to the top of your MRTG config
file like...
LibAdd: c:\\progra~1\\mrtg\\lib\\mrtg2
...with the RRDs.dll, RRDs.pm etc files in the dir you specify. I have
the following *rrd* files in c:\progra~1\mrtg\lib\mrtg2:
01/25/2009  07:22 PM                 0 RRDs.bs
01/25/2009  07:22 PM         1,032,192 RRDs.dll
01/25/2009  07:22 PM               739 RRDs.exp
01/25/2009  07:22 PM             2,074 RRDs.lib
08/31/2009  01:20 PM             3,991 RRDs.pm
01/26/2009  10:14 PM               365 RRDs.ppd
Also, I find it helpful to use a batch file when launching MRTG under
windows. My batch file contains the following line
start /b /belownormal c:\progra~1\mrtg\perl\bin\perl.exe -w
-Ic:\progra~1\mrtg\perl\lib c:\progra~1\mrtg\bin\mrtg --lock-file
--pid-file=c:\progra~1\mrtg\log\daemon.pid --confcache-file
c:\progra~1\mrtg\log\confcache.txt c:\progra~1\mrtg\cfg\daemon.cfg >
c:\progra~1\mrtg\log\mrtg-poller.log 2>&1
This runs the mrtg data collector in the belownormal prio class (I'm
paranoid about the stats collection process getting in the way of what
the server is really there to do) and logs all output in

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	Subject: [mrtg] Can't locate loadable object for module RRDs in
@INC - RRDTool Error...
	I have been using MRTG from long time and it's working  fine on
Windows 2003 Server without any issues, but recently I was trying to
install "rrdtool" to integrate with MRTG for better formating and
performance,  as per the advised found on your website I did follow the
instructions but I am unable to run the MRTG Deamon when I  am trying to
run this command "perl mrtg test.cfg" I am getting this error, please
advise me what is the best solution for this error in order to process
	"Can't locate loadable object for module RRDs in @INC" (@INC
contains: C:\rrdtool\bin\ C:/mrtg-2.16.4/bin\..\lib\mrtg2\
C:/mrtg-2.16.4/bin\ C:/Perl/site/lib\ C:/P erl/lib\ .) at mrtg line 344
Compilation failed in require at mrtg line 344.
	MRTG Software Version is :mrtg-2.16.4
	Perl Version: 5.12.2
	rrdtool folder installed on C:/ Drive
	Syed Aqil
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