[mrtg] New MRTG install... Run as Daemon and RRD setup?

Arvon Griffiths Arvon.Griffiths at txdot.gov
Mon Sep 27 21:07:01 CEST 2010

I've got a test box up and I have installed the latest version of MRTG.  I have some questions-
Q1: If I use run as daemon, can I still have multiple CFG files (one for each router) or do I have to combine them all into one large (read: messy) CFG file?  If the answer is "you can have multiple CFG files", what is the big-picture as to how to set it up?
Q2: I have 350+ routers to check, if I run as daemon, how can I spread out the checks over a 5 minute period so the network isn't slammed at on minute 0,5,10,15, & etc.?
Q3: I'm either too dense to understand the instructions or they are not clear, how do you setup MRTG to use RRD tool?

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