[mrtg] Display Line on Graph with NO Legend

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Wed Dec 21 16:58:12 CET 2011

Sorry everyone, forgot to mention something with that question...

For example, If I have 2 targets "IN" and "OUT" I want to display both 
lines on the graph but suppress ANY and ALL Legends for the "OUT" Target.
I tried just having the Directives there for both but leaving the one's 
blank for the OUT target but it removed the line from the graph as well...

Anyway to do this...?


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Hello All, 

Currently I'm running the following: 
     MRTG: v2.17.2
Routers2: v2.22
RRDTool: v1.2.12 

Is it possible to display a line on the graph and suppress It's legend 
from showing at the bottom of the graph? 

Thanks in Advance, 
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