[mrtg] Display Line on Graph with NO Legend

Steve Shipway s.shipway at auckland.ac.nz
Wed Dec 21 19:59:30 CET 2011

>For example, If I have 2 targets "IN" and "OUT" I want to display both lines on the graph but suppress ANY and ALL Legends for the "OUT" Target.
>I tried just having the Directives there for both but leaving the one's blank for the OUT target but it removed the line from the graph as well...

If using Routers2 for your frontend, you need to have the directive

routers.cgi*Options[xxxx]: nodetails

This will suppress the various legend parts.  On a userdefined graph, it will suppress all legends apart from the Total and Average lines, if enabled.

You can also use 'nolegend' for no legend at all, and 'nolines' to suppress the component lines in a userdefined graph.

In both normal Targets and userdefined graphs, if the relevant Legend (Legend1, Legend2 etc) is blank, then this will also suppress the legend for that particular variable.  You can also use this method to suppress legends in standard native-mode MRTG.


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