[mrtg] Plotting counters which reset after every 15mins.

Steve Shipway s.shipway at auckland.ac.nz
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That's odd -- what settings are you using in MRTG?  Are you using native mode or RRD mode?  Is the reset based on time (never head of this before, but try the solution below), counter size (if it is wrapping, use 64bit counters and SNMPv2), or polling (use 'absolute' datatype if it resets on read)?

I would have expected MRTG/RRD to simply log an UNKN immediately after the reset as it would appear to be like a counter wrap but the resulting rate would be > MaxBytes and so discarded.  It would still mean you lose 1 in 3 samples, if you're polling every 5 min.

Maybe poll every 1 min, using a COUNTER datatype, and set MaxBytes appropriately so the rest is detected as a counter wrap and discarded?  Also, if you set it to use the previous value on unknowns (default behaviour for native mode or 14all, extended option unknasprev on MRTG/RRD/Routers2) you'll hide the unknowns.


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The ethernet interfaces which i am monitoring resets the counters every 15min. MRTG in this case plots a graph which takes a dip after every 15mins. How do i configure mrtg to add these counters(after every 15min) to the previously read counters and plot the same. Any help is really appreciable.

-Pradip Bhojania
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