[mrtg] CFGMaker for Netgear GSM7228ps

Justin Lampman justin-lists at tm.net
Fri Feb 11 19:21:56 CET 2011

I am trying to use CFGMaker to make a config file for my netgear switch 
and it works, however the OID that is used to pull the description 
doesn't pull what I set as the description in the netgear (like it would 
in a cisco) The problem is that I would have to use a different OID to 
get the description that I want and I am not sure how (if there even is 
a way) to tell CFG Maker what OID to use to get the description. Does 
anybody even know if there is a way to change what OID CFGMaker uses and 
if so how do I go about setting that up.


Justin Lampman
Mercury Network

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