[mrtg] How does one add mib and non-cisco router to the bundle

Steve Shipway s.shipway at auckland.ac.nz
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You don't actually require the MIBs, although having them allows you to use symbolic names when you make a custom Target definition.  You can use the LoadMIBs: directive in the MRTG cfg files to specify additional MIB files to load.

Since you have a 'myrouters' file, I'm guessing you have the MRTG Bundle install (this is now getting very old, if you haven't updated the bundled MRTG, Routers2 and RRDTool then you probably should do so).   Add the device names to this file, and it will automatically run cfgmaker on the specified community/device pairs to generate a cfg file to monitor the interfaces - assuming the SNMP is configured correctly on the device, of course.

If you want to monitor additional things, you will probably need to make new cfg files by hand depending on which OIDs you need to monitor.


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I'd like to monitor my Firewall, SCIP  and my proxy server

I have the MIBs  - Where do I put them ?

How do I create CFG files and then add them to the bundle (I tried adding them to myrouters but it just created a file with a bunch of comments & un-commenting the comments didn't really work) ?

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