[mrtg] using external data to populate MRTG in a windows enviroment

Steve Shipway s.shipway at auckland.ac.nz
Thu Jan 6 20:36:05 CET 2011

I would suggest you use 'type' (the DOS equivalent of the UNIX 'cat' command) rather than 'more' in the Target definition. 
Also check the output of MRTG when run interactively to see if there are any error messages being produced.
Finally, check the format of the file -- are the lines ended with \n or with \r\n ?  It should be \n although I believe the DOS method should work as well.


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Hi, I am trying to monitor the number of calls recorded on a server, I have
managed to extract data to a text file which complies with the MRTG external
source format. The data below is an example of a text file

Verint Call Recording

I have then created a mrtg config file as shown below

Target[geonbsvr2a]: `more c:\mrtg-2.16.4\bin\verint\geonbsvr2amrtg.txt`
Maxbytes[geonbsvr2a]: 390
Options[geonbsvr2a]: gauge

However when I run the perl script e.g. perl mrtg verint.cfg i just get 0
output in the log file. even though the input file has data. Can you assist?

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