[mrtg] Monitoring Windows for Newbies

EDV Service Dregger - Support Support at e-s-d.info
Sat Jan 8 19:26:39 CET 2011

Hey all!

I´m using mrtg to monitor our routers, switches and access points since years and now we want to expand it with the windows servers. As i read in the web, windows is very tricki and i don´t have a useful point to start from.

I would like to see the cpu and memory load in the first step, in an additional step maybe diskusage and uptime.

How do you create cfg file for MRTG if you want to monitor the things i want? I´ve already looked for tools like snmp walk windows and so on but i don´t now how to use it. Could you please help me? By the the - CPU Load: Is it the same way like monitoring a routers cpu load? If this would work on windows i could use it for my routers :)

Best regards from germany
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