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Alex van den Bogaerdt alex at vandenbogaerdt.nl
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You have in your config:  MaxBytes[243.0.381.0]: 1250000
1,250,000 bytes = 10,000,000 bits.

Read the manual. Every rate higher than 1.25MBps = 10Mbps will be discarded 
due to this config setting. Double that number, plus some 10% for good 

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I have problem to plot more than 10MB I have it as follows

EnableIPv6: no

WorkDir: /var/apache/htdocs/clientes/qos

Options[_]: growright,bits

WithPeak[_]: dymw


# If you want to get the information in bits type in the option line
"Options[_]: growright, bits"

#-----------243.0.381.0 -----------------

qidVcByteCountIn.243.0.381.0&qidVcByteCountOut.243.0.381.0:EeSPnOok at 205.145.

MaxBytes[243.0.381.0]: 1250000

WithPeak[243.0.381.0]: ymwd

Directory[243.0.381.0]: 243.0.381.0

Title[243.0.381.0]: International Traffic Analysis

PageTop[243.0.381.0]:<h1>Traffic Analysis for IMAX 20MB 1.1 </h1>

at the interface of the router I can see 20MB


cid:image001.jpg at 01CAA12C.C71AB650

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