[mrtg] MRTG with RRD and RRA:HWPREDICT

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To add an RRA is a bit more complex since it requires adding a new  item to the RRA header and a new RRA data section, changing the file size and offsets.  Rrdtool tune can tune the various HW settings, but not actually add the new RRAs (sorry, I was a bit unclear there)

The easiest way would be to dump the existing RRD to XML, and then modify the XML before loading it back in to a new RRD file; or, create a new RRD file (after getting the existing info via rrdtool info) and then copy the data over item by item, though this would lose any data outsize of the 1cdp=1dp base RRA


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Hi Steve,

   Thanks! Now I can go on.
   However, the only thing that I have not know is... How to add a new RRA:HWpredict with 'rrdtool tune'?
   Before to ask this, I read the rrdtune manpage , and I saw only options to change values for DS, RRA existing... Can you show me an example, please?

Thanks for help! I'm very appreciated.

-- Leandro Toledo de Souza
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