[mrtg] mrtg is spamming me

Stuart McGraw smcg4191 at frii.com
Tue Nov 22 01:41:21 CET 2011

First, I am totally new with mrtg. I've read the config
reference manual, the faq, and other stuff but I may have
missed something.

I installed mrtg-2.17.0 packaged for Fedora-15. I used
cfgmaker to generate a working config file for one server
and one client (a laptop) machine. Things seemed to be
working correctly until I shutdown the laptop.

Now, every 5 minutes, I get an email:

2011-11-21 17:30:01: WARNING: Could not match host:'public at haru:::::2' ref:'Ip' key:''
2011-11-21 17:30:11: ERROR: Target[haru_10.1.65.65][_IN_] ' $target->[0]{$mode} ' did not eval into defined data
2011-11-21 17:30:11: ERROR: Target[haru_10.1.65.65][_OUT_] ' $target->[0]{$mode} ' did not eval into defined data
Use of uninitialized value $inlast in pattern match (m//) at /usr/bin/mrtg line 1045.
Use of uninitialized value $outlast in pattern match (m//) at /usr/bin/mrtg line 1048.

Here is the config file (I deleted the server section since
it's not relevant I think.)

HtmlDir: /var/www/mrtg
ImageDir: /var/www/mrtg
LogDir: /var/lib/mrtg
ThreshDir: /var/lib/mrtg
WorkDir: /var/www/mrtg
# to get bits instead of bytes and graphs growing to the right
Options[_]: growright, bits
EnableIPv6: no

### Interface 2 >> Descr: 'Intel(R)-Centrino(R)-Advanced-N-6200-AGN---Packet-Scheduler-Miniport' | Name: '' | Ip: '' | Eth: '00-23-14-59-07-94' ###

Target[haru_10.1.65.65]: / at haru:::::2
SetEnv[haru_10.1.65.65]: MRTG_INT_IP="" MRTG_INT_DESCR="Intel(R)-Centrino(R)-Advanced-N-6200-AGN---Packet-Scheduler-Miniport"
MaxBytes[haru_10.1.65.65]: 6750000
Title[haru_10.1.65.65]: Traffic Analysis for -- HARU

How do I tell mrtg to ignore a machine that is

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