[mrtg] mrtg is spamming me

Steve Shipway s.shipway at auckland.ac.nz
Sat Nov 26 03:36:07 CET 2011

>I installed mrtg-2.17.0 packaged for Fedora-15. I used
>cfgmaker to generate a working config file for one server
>and one client (a laptop) machine. Things seemed to be
>working correctly until I shutdown the laptop.

This is correct; once the target is shut down, SNMP polls will fail.  This will cause MRTG to complain as it cannot get a response from the target.

>2011-11-21 17:30:01: WARNING: Could not match host:'public at haru:::::2' ref:'Ip' key:''

This is MRTG saying it cannot work out which interface corresponds to this IP; unsurprisingly, since the host in question is down.

>How do I tell mrtg to ignore a machine that is

You cannot; MRTG is intended to monitor things that are always there rather than  things that come and go.  If you need to ignore error messages of this type, just discard the logs.  I assume you have the system set to email you any failure logs?  Just stop doing this.


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