[mrtg] counting difrence in IP packets/speed on each LAN ip

Ton Muller spatieman at online.nl
Wed Oct 5 10:11:21 CEST 2011

ok, as sayd , i hacked in some tools, works all great.
but i am still not able to hack in a good tool that can grab packet
counting on lan IP's that goes true mijn internal IF to wan.
system, openBSD.
i manage to to tweak/hack/crack/adapt almost funny stuff for mrtg to
make stats.

in my younger years with my freesco box, i could count with ipfwadm,
pfctl is a complete difrent art of grabbing packets.
and no, i wount go back to it.
i installed almost any kind of stupid package on my box.

pftop, is one of the tools that ALMOST let me see what i need.
ntop does it to, but its count from 0 again when pulled, but does not
count packets.

any one a advice for a good tool ???
i want so badly count the speed for each IP what goes true my box.


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