[mrtg] network speed per LAN machine?

Ton Muller spatieman at online.nl
Tue Sep 13 22:23:31 CEST 2011

ok, i am not a guru on mrtg.
but i manage to get it quit good running with router2.cgi (thans Steve,
love you for this script)
i got even some nice graphs with statgrab, but i still dont get ONE
thing not working as it should be.
Bandwide trafic per LANmachine.
i tried several progams that can make trafic stat, but i cant make them
say that i need single line output for MRTG.

i know it is possible with bwm-ng, but i cant find any good working scrtipt.
i know it should be pssible with the router2 extention, but i can get
that to work.

i added loadmibs file for my os (openBSD 4.9) , but i dont know the
correct syntax.

any advice and help would be great.

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