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See the section, HOW TO SETUP MRTG AS A WINDOWS SERVICE, in http://oss.oetiker.ch/mrtg/doc/mrtg-nt-guide.en.html.  I've used it for years and it works great.  The "run as daemon" is confusing for windows, since you also have to create a service as described above.

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> Daniel, 
>         Thank you for getting back to me so quickly.  I believe it is running
> as a Daemon but I can't tell for sure?  I opened up Task Manager on the server
> that it is "supposedly" running on and I could not locate anything in there
> related to MRTG. 

Ah, you are running on Windows.  Hopefully someone else on this list
understands windows servers - I haven't managed a windows server this

But I recall there were a couple of daemon tools used to run mrtg -
fireDaemon was popular about 8 years ago.  But I don't know much more about
it than a name..

> I guess, we could start with how would I verify that it is
> even running if I can't locate anything within Task Manager or in the Services
> tab? 

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