[mrtg] Graphing ONLY Total Incoming and Total Outgoing

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Hey Steve, thanks for the reply!!

Cool, I'll give all your suggestions a try and we'll see how she goes...

Yea, your right I just wanted to graph the TOTAL lines, but I can leave 
the legends for
the component lines intact just so I can see their individual data sets if 
I need to.

And stackmirror is a good idea, thanks.


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If all you are interested in is the Total, then sometimes it is good to 
display the component parts as a stacked graph, but not show the detailed 
component numbers in the legend.  If they have both incoming and outgoing, 
then a stackmirror graph might be good.
routers.cgi*GraphStyle[mygraph]: stack
routers.cgi*Options[mygraph]: noo nodetails withtotal
(use ‘noo’, ‘noi’ or ‘nogroup’ to prevent confustion)
routers.cgi*GraphStyle[mygraph]: stackmirror
routers.cgi*Options[mygraph]: nodetails withtotal
-or, to hide components entirely-
routers.cgi*Options[mygraph]: nodetails nolines withtotal

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