[mrtg] pulling snr data error

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Wed Jan 18 15:42:43 CET 2012


        "do you get a good answer from this query?
        snmpget -c test -v 1 .­
        snmpget -c test -v 1 .­"

I'm assuming that the space between the 10 and 94 is just is typo. But 
anyway there's is a few things I would try.

First try removing the "." that starts out the OID. That might help. But 
most likely that's not the problem.
Also, in you cfg file for the device. When you do version "2" on the 
"Target[_]:" line don't use the "c" I don't think MRTG recognizes that.

So for example, you would just use version "2" like this:
]:.­­. at
It should end with 5 ":" colons, followed by a 2.

This is from the cfgmaker man page:
                          Specify default SNMP options to be appended to 
                          routers following.  Individual fields can be 
                         Routers following might override some or all of 
                         options given to --snmp-options.

Also, your "Target:" name should be a unique name for each separate 
device/interface or you can think of it as for each separate graph. 
Because MRTG will use the target name as the filename for the RRD file.

One other thing you might try would be to telnet to the router and check 
out what the "snmp" or "snmp-server" settings are. There you should be 
able to see what the SNMP version is too.


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Subject:        Re: [mrtg] pulling snr data error

Ian and  Matt

I can run snmpget and below is what I get from it

snmpget -t 1 -r 5 -m '' -v 2c -c test .
iso. = Gauge32: 72

snmpget -t 1 -r 5 -m '' -v 2c -c test .
iso. = Gauge32: 58

I have tried using -v 2c and -v 1 and both work

From:       Ian <ian at acces.co.jp>
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Subject:    Re: [mrtg] pulling snr data error
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> I have been trying to pull snr data from a cisco 887 router.  I got a
> cfg from the web and changed what I think is correct but when I run it I
> get the following error.  Prob a really silly thing but im just not
> it.

do you get a good answer from this query?
snmpget -c test -v 1 .­
snmpget -c test -v 1 .­

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