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Wed Jan 18 16:47:42 CET 2012

Hey Steve,

I tried the "__summary" but it doesn't seem to be working... Is it 2 
underscores "__summary" or only one "_summary"?

I put this line at the very end of the cfg file:

                routers.cgi*Options[__summary]: default

Does that look correct? And is the end of the cfg file the correct place 
for that directive?

Thanks Again,

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Subject:        RE: [mrtg] Make Summary Graph Default

I’m assuming you mean the Summary graphs as in the Routers2 frontend.
You can use the ‘defaulttarget’ directive in the routers2.conf file, which 
can be set to ‘summary’ or ‘incoming’ or other values (see the 
routers2.conf for details in the comments).  This affects the default for 
ALL devices for ALL users.
You can use per-user sections – [user-xxx] and place a defaulttaget rule 
in there for individual users, but this affects ALL targets.  You can also 
allow users to set their personal preferences (which overrides the 
defaults I nthe routers2.conf file).
However, if you want to set a default for just one Device, you can add in 
the MRTG cfg file the line
routers.cgi*Options[xxxx]: default
This will make the target ‘xxxx’ the default for ALL users (overriding any 
defaulttarget definitions in the routers2.conf but not overriding a user’s 
personal preferences).  If you want to make a particular userdefined 
graph, or summary page, the default, then xxxx must match the name of the 
userdefined graph or summary page.  The autogenerated summary page is 
‘__summary’ and the autogenerated incoming/outgoing are ‘__incoming’ and 
Note that this is an experimental directive that is not fully reliable; 
however if it works for you then all to the good.

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Subject: [mrtg] Make Summary Graph Default
Hello All, 

Is there a directive, or an option of a directive, that would make the 
Summary Graph be the default graph for a specific target? 

I'm pretty sure there's a way to make it the default in routers2.conf, but 
I don't want it to be the default for all targets, just one. 
And there is also a way to do it through the preferences page on the Web 
UI, but I didn't want to rely on cookies for this, and I know 
that, that would have to be set on each individual user's computer. 

Any thoughts would be great... 

Thanks in Advance, 

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