[mrtg] Options for 1-minute interval graphs?

Steve Shipway s.shipway at auckland.ac.nz
Wed Nov 28 03:22:43 CET 2012

> My understanding is that without moving to RRD storage, this is not
> possible.  I don't have any particular objections to moving to RRD, but
> I'm a bit lost on what the best option is for us as far as displaying
> graphs once we've converted.  

You're correct that you'll need to move to RRD format.  There are tools to convert your existing .log format files to the new .rrd format, so you should be able to preserve history if you keep to the 5min interval.

> 14all.cgi and mrtg-rrd seem to offer the
> simplicity I want, but they appear to be quite out of date.  "routers2"
> looks like it's actively maintained, but would totally baffle the other
> folks that look at these graphs.

For obvious reasons I'm a bit biased on this subject :).  However, you can simplify Routers2 with a number of options to make the interface easier to use.  You can also embed Routers2 pages into other web pages.  

If you want the look and feel to remain as close to native-mode MRTG as possible, then try using 14all.

> Another quick one to throw in here…  If I convert to rrd and then once
> I'm running with the rrd backend and I change the interval, is my data
> from the period where I was running at 5 minute intervals still
> valid/correct?  

No.  If you change the interval, you will need to delete and re-create the RRD file in order to use it; the historical data are lost.  The interval is an inherent part of the RRD that cannot simply be changed.

Some tools exist to get around this limitation; I've written one here that attempts to merge multiple RRD files and create one new one, filling in gaps where possible using whichever can provide the data, using higher-resolution data if necessary.  This allows you to change resolution of an RRD file.  However, it was written for a specific task and should be regarded as beta only which is why I've not released it.  If you're a Perl coder you're welcome to a copy to modify to your own requirements.

> Will all of the frontends be able to handle displaying
> data from both before and after the move to a 1 minute sampling
> interval?

All the frontends can cope with 1-min or 5-min interval RRD files; however as mentioned before, your problem will be converting the 5min RRD into a 1min RRD.


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