[mrtg] Documentation improvement propose

Petr Lázňovský lazna at volny.cz
Sun Aug 25 11:47:15 CEST 2013

Propose replace "HOW TO SETUP MRTG AS A WINDOWS SERVICE" section of this page:




How to install mrtg as a windows service:

1. Download NSSM 


2. Unzip the suitable nssm.exe binary into desired folder

3. Run following command in cmdline window: 

nssm.exe install mrtg-traffic_monitor "c:\Perl\bin\wperl.exe" "c:\monitoring\config\traffic_monitor.cfg"


Replace "mrtg-traffic_monitor" with your custom service name
Replace "c:\Perl\bin\wperl.exe" with full path to wperl binary
Replace "c:\monitoring\config\traffic_monitor.cfg" with full path to your config file 

5. If you want to see a service description in the 'services.msc' console:

Go to regedit HKLM\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Services\<service_name> section, create new String value named Description and put your service description into 'Value data' field:

but this is not mandatory.

To remove service from your system, type following command:

nssm remove mrtg-traffic_monitor



- NSSM handle error situations much better than srvany
- Easier install and remove services
- Fully scriptable, suitable for install automation

Personally run mrtg on NSSM (on Win2k3) for 4 years with full satisfaction. 


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